The Effectiveness Of Silagra In Dealing With ED!

Silagra is a very effective Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drug and it is also known as Sidenafil Citrate. This drug is highly effective in dealing with sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, weak erection and impotence. Silagra sale offers good discount on many online platforms.

How Silagra Works?

Let’s see how Silagra works. Before we see that, we need to learn more about ED. When you are aroused, blood will flow to the penile tissues, resulting in an erection. So proper blood flow is the key to attaining strong and hard erection. However, due to various reasons, one might find it difficult to achieve a proper erection. Poor lifestyle, poor health, smoking, drinking, stress, depression, etc. can seriously affect one’s ability to attain an erection. So this drug is designed to improve blood circulation to the penile chambers. With that you will be able to have a healthy erection. This drug is intended only for men. This is a prescription medicine and you should take it only after consulting with a doctor. Silagra generic can be obtained from online stores.

When You Shouldn’t Take This?

You shouldn’t be taking this medicine if you are taking nitroglycerine or other nitrates. The same rule is applicable to recreational drugs known as ‘poppers’ as well. When you have them together, it can result in some serious interaction which can be harmful to your body. So make sure that the medicine that you are taking doesn’t have nitrate in it. If you are not sure, ask a pharmacist or doctor. They can definitely help you with that. You can check Silagra price online.

You Should Be Careful

You will have to do some additional monitoring to avoid any problem later. Let’s take a look at the problematic scenarios.

  • If you are already taking medicines for high blood pressure and impotence, you should totally avoid it.
  • More than 25mg of Silagra is not allowed in a 48 hour period if you are already taking an HIV protease inhibitor.
  • Are you taking any alpha-blocker medicine? Then the same 48 hour rule is applicable here. Moreover, there should be a gap of 4 hours between these two medicines.
  • You shouldn’t stop or start any medicine without consulting your doctor or pharmacist while you are taking this medicine.
  • If you have developed any of the following, you should definitely inform your doctor – liver diseases, eye problems, kidney problems, heart problems, penis conditions, etc. It is really important to communicate with your doctor to let him know about your condition.

When To Take It?

You should take Silagra orally before sexual activity. You should take it four to one hour in advance. And you should follow the instructions of your physician to the T. You are not allowed to take it more than once daily. Grapefruit is strictly prohibited in the day if you are consuming Silagra that day. If you are allergic to the ingredients of this drug then you should totally avoid it. Alcohol is another thing which is strictly prohibited when you are taking this medicine. You shouldn’t think twice before seeking medical attention if there is an overdose. If you are bothered about Silagra cost, you can use the internet to find the information that you are looking for.